The last days of September 2018, on a Saturday morning, I've trained with the kenshi from Sam-Sho, the kendo club in Timișoara, and Kanji Tsushima sensei, ex-ambassador of Janap in Romania.

The probation in Oradea in the period 14th-17th of february 2008. It was the last probation with Takita-sensei (one of the Japanese volunteers that came in Romania) in Oradea.

In the first picture appear (from the left to right): Achim Călin (CS "Ronin-do" Oradea), Atsushi Takita, Dan-Marius Sabău (CS "Ronin-do" Oradea), Dragoș Crăciun, Ovidiu Brăișteanu and Ilieș Lavinia (CS "Sam-Sho" Timișoara).

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Contact & trainings

The contact phone number is +40743-539203, Dan-Marius Sabău will answer your questions.

The Kendo trainings are every Tuesday and Thursday between 7 pm and 9 pm at Lorantffy Zsuzsanna school, Andrei Șaguna street, number 1, Oradea.