Filmed at the Kendo World Keiko-kai in Tokyo, 2012: 7 exercises are done using the katana, 3 exercises are done using katana and wakizashi.

The kendo equipment

The ones that practice kendo can not be confound: the swords, the uniform and the armour distinguish them to other practitioners of martial arts. The swords are of two kinds: bokken (bokkuto) and shinai. The first in made of oak or other strong wood and is used in pre-estabilished exercises named kata. The second is made from four slats of bamboo or carbon fiber and it is used for all the other parts of the training, including competitions. The uniform is composed of hakama (a pair of very large trousers) and keikogi. The protection is ensured by an armour named bogu that has four elements: helmet (men), protection for the abdomen (do), the one for the hips and thighs (tare) and thickly gloves (kote).

Kendo is not the creation of one person, for that is hard to establish a date of it's founding as martial art. Kendo as it is practiced now exists a organised form since the beginning of XX-th century.

Evidences of sword manipulation art in Japan exist since the VIIth century the Christian Era. Fencing techniques developed dramatically as long as the art of sword making developed and the shapes fo the swords changed. The develop of the techniques sword making masters was guided by the demands from civil war in that turbit period. Even the people that didn't belog to the samurai class were forced to improve their sword manipulation skills as metod of protection.

The sportive club „Ronin-Do” Oradea appeared in 2005 A.D. by the intent of a group of persons willing to practice kendo. Some left, other came, the club continued. The ones willing to practice kendo until the end continued. If you want to join us contact us.

We invite you to visit this page to make some ideea about us, about kendo and about practising it.

The Meaning of Kendo

The concept of Kendo is to discipline the human character through the application of the principles of the Katana (the japanese sword). The purpose of practicing Kendo is:

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Contact & trainings

The contact phone number is +40743-539203, Dan-Marius Sabău will answer your questions.

The Kendo trainings are every Tuesday and Thursday between 7 pm and 9 pm at Lorantffy Zsuzsanna school, Andrei Șaguna street, number 1, Oradea.