1. Sometimes you respond to people with “Hai”.

2. You bow every time you go in/out of a room, despite wherever you are

3. When you see a mirror, you always check your kamae;

4. You get commented on having ugly feet

5. You watch kendo videos on youtube on your free time

6. You feel good after getting your ass kicked by a sensei

7. You do fumikomi, suriashi, or just casually go to kamae in public for no reason

8. An endless kendo conversation is a good conversation

9. You can tell which kote is yours from several different ones just by the smell of it

10. You dream about waza and wake up sore from twitching in your sleep

11. You kiai everytime you open an umbrella

12. You meet someone for the first time and you Kote! them when they want to shake your hand

13. Your left heel is always off the floor…always

14. You do your kendo footwork when walking along the hallway;

15. You play baseball using a gedan or hasso kamae

16. You tie your shoes with complicated knots

17. You are “encouraged” to leave a restaurant for sparring with your friend using steak knives

18. You are “encouraged” to leave a restaurant for folding your napkin on your head

19. People at work/school wonder what a “perfect pleat” is and why you obsess over it

20. Your dream home includes smooth wooden floor and a tall ceiling;

21. You want to have 5 kids so you can make a team;

22. You teach your cats to do proper kiai;

23. You kiai before a job interview and do sonkyo afterwards

24. You may have run out of clean socks, but your uniform is ready

25. You no longer dream about women, instead you dream about new bogu

26. You name your blisters

27. You unconsciously extend your right hand and bow your head slightly as you walk pass a person (another shopper who was staring at rows of cereal);

28. When a woman says, “I like strong men” you reply, “Yeh…but I r kote.”

29. When you are bored, you refold your hakama after trying it on just for fun

30. You do your best fumikomi when you see a cockroach and perfect zanshin afterwards

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