2% is the maximum percent that a tax payer (people only, not businesses) in Romania can redirect from the anual tax to give a non-profit organization, according to the disposition of the article 57, paragraph 4 from the law number 571/2003. The sportive club is situated in that category. It can be deposed for only one non-profit organisation. Next you have a pdf file already filled in with the data of the club, you can fill it with your data and register it to the Finances.

The 230 application is fiiled in by hand in 2 copies, one of them remaining to the tax-payer. The form is saved (the links below), filled in and registered directly to the fiscal organ registry or at the post office through registered letter.

We don't have english version of the form, only romanian version. If you want to fill it and there is still time to do it this year download the file for the current year and register your form for:

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Contact & trainings

The contact phone number is +40743-539203, Dan-Marius Sabău will answer your questions.

The Kendo trainings are every Tuesday and Thursday between 7 pm and 9 pm at Lorantffy Zsuzsanna school, Andrei Șaguna street, number 1, Oradea.